Winter Food & Garden Seasonal Food Workshop

(Jan 2016)


Grow Well


A Seasonal Food Workshop in winter is definitely most fun live and in-person, but we thought you’d enjoy a few highlights and resources as you consider your winter gardens now and years to come. Spend a few minutes seeing what we saw, and check out the recipes and resources below to help you connect with the health and beauty of seasonal eating.

A Little Video Recap

Recipes We Enjoyed Together

We all decided to share foods that we’re likely to eat at home. All were quick to prepare and full of foods available in fresh in winter (like kale, cabbage and beets) or via good winter storage (like sweet potatoes and butternut squash).

Mirem’s Kale Salad was Vera’s contribution, and the one we prepared together and enjoyed mindfully in class. It is a celebration of flavors, colors and textures, enjoyed by all.

Sweet Potato Peanut Stew was Jane’s contribution from the crock pot, filling the room with a warm sweet aroma.

Butternut Date Cookies were offered by Jen, along with some roasted beets and quinoa/lentil pilaf.

Articles from this Workshop

How to Approach Seasonal Eating in Winter is a short article by Vera about some simple ways to make the most of seasonal foods in winter.

Winter Gardening Tips from Farmer Jane Saiers is a wonderfully accessible rundown of what you want to be thinking about when it comes to growing through winter, including links to some wonderful garden planners for the NC piedmont and other recommended resources.

Mindful Eating

Jen provided guidance on mindful presence and eating as we explored the food in the gardens, on the cutting boards and on our plates. Mindful attention to how we eat and our connection with food in the natural world can be a healing practice. Grow Well continues to build resources to support the practice of mindful eating.

Free Yourself Around Food is an inexpensive and brief online introduction to mindful eating with expert Sasha Loring, M.Ed., LCSW

Mindful Eating Resources from our website can be found here.

Hope to see you at our next Seasonal Food Workshop!!

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