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    Downward Facing Dog at the Wall


    Downward facing dog is one of those poses that people see and instantly realize it’s yoga. This standing variation is one that’s accessible if you can’t get up and down from the ground easily or if you can’t get on the ground because the other people in your office will notice. It’s also a helpful …Read More

    Warrior 2


    As I started to write this blog post, the first words that appeared on the page were: “Warrior 2 is one of my all-time favorite yoga poses.” I think I’ve started a lot of the pose tutorials in our Yoga for Every Body series that way! It isn’t that I’m lying, it’s just that there …Read More

    Moving Back into Your Body


    During every yoga class I leave space for students to guide themselves through any movement their body is requesting, even if it doesn’t resemble a familiar yoga pose. We come back to this intuitive movement several times in class, and it’s the last thing we do before relaxing in savasana, corpse pose. Every once in …Read More

    Why We Bring Kindness to Physical Movement


    Movement is an essential element of wellness. Regular movement can impact our days by giving us better energy, less anxiety and sadness, clearer thinking and less stress, while improving our long-term health outlook for just about any chronic disease you can think of. The human body is built for dynamic motion and interaction with the outside world, but modern life, with hours sitting in cars, …Read More

    Legs Up the Wall


    One of my all-time favorite poses to recharge after a stressful day or wind down before bed is a restorative yoga pose called “legs up the wall.”  You can practice it on the ground or on a bed, or in our new Grow Well office during our Yoga for Better Sleep workshops this Spring! How to practice “legs up the …Read More

    Boat Pose


    Most of us know that the abdominals are part of the core, but did you know it also includes the lumbar spine, pelvic floor and many of the hip flexors? Boat pose can strengthen all of these areas of the core. Having a strong core supports a healthy spine and allows our joints to move more safely and …Read More

    Pyramid Pose


    Pyramid is a great “forward folding” yoga pose for stretching tight hamstrings, the muscles at the back of your thigh. It’s also one of my go-to poses for days when I’ve done more sitting than I like, since it wakes up my spine! As with any pose, stay gentle and listen closely to cues of discomfort from …Read More

    Seated Twist


    Today’s yoga pose is a seated twist, adapted so it’s super comfy for those of us with larger bellies and/or less hip mobility. If you have trouble sitting tall when you’re on the floor, sit on a folded blanket, so your hips and low back are lifted. Twisting poses are amazing energy and mood boosters, and great for …Read More

    Adapting Your Down Dog


    Downward facing dog. It’s one of the most recognized yoga poses out there, but it can also be one of the most frustrating until you find your groove in it! Creating ease in your down dog can transform your entire yoga practice, so it’s also one of the most satisfying poses to workshop in one-on-one yoga lessons. Learn a few …Read More

    Sphinx Pose


    Yoga backbends are amazing energy and mood boosters! They increase blood circulation, strengthen your back and expand your shoulders and chest for fuller breathing. Sphinx pose is one of my favorite backbends because, among many things, it takes pressure off your wrists, making it a great backbend for those with carpal tunnel syndrome. Find more videos in the Yoga is …Read More

    Adapting Your Forward Fold


    This video is part of our Yoga is for Every Body series, designed to enable you to check in with your yoga practice and find ways to ensure your physical practice is a match for your unique body.  In this short video, we offer a couple of variations of Standing Forward Fold that take special care of the knees and the …Read More

    7-Exercise Circuit for Beginners / Returners


    This is a terrific whole-body workout in 15 minutes, geared for folks new to exercise or returning to exercise. I love this workout! I’ve done it twice since I edited it, and I feel challenged and stronger as a result. Exercise Sequence: 30 seconds for each exercise with short break in between, repeat for 2 rounds. …Read More

    Full Body Workout with Chris Walker


    This full-body workout with Chris Walker is part of our Quick Exercises video series. In this instructional video Chris introduces us to four new moves: Burpee Skater Jumping Jill Plank twist Which one of these moves feels the most rewarding for you? I want to try this (add to my List) Forget to Log In? …Read More

    Chair Yoga


      Yoga poses for when you’re trying to get a brief practice in while you’re at your desk. Get your blood flowing, wake your energy up, invigorate your focus. It’s also great for people who have trouble getting up and down. No mat, no yoga pants, no excuse not to… Love this yoga practice? Check out …Read More

    Stand Up!


    Let me share something you probably already know. Sitting for long periods of time could be shortening your life. Studies continue surfacing that associate sitting for 6+ hours a day with higher rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and chronic pain. You may even know that all of this sitting trumps meeting the recommended …Read More

    Happy Back Yoga


    This routine is a kind, gentle gift to yourself after hours at a computer, cooking or otherwise at work!  Give yourself a quick dose of flexibility, openness, presence and flow.  No equipment needed at all! Love this post? Find more from Emily Burrows here. For one-on-one accountability and support: Learn about Self-Care Coaching with Emily. Learn about …Read More

    20-minute Yoga for Open Hips


    This sequence stretches the hips and low back. It’s a great way to find more mobility after a lot of sitting or after challenging your lower body with any of Chris or Marcy’s Quick Exercises videos. Remember to listen to your body and stay gentle–if it hurts, it’s no longer yoga! Love this post? Find more from …Read More

    15-minute Yoga for Better Posture


    If you often catch yourself slouching, you’re probably breathing shallowly and experiencing back pain. This 15-minute practice will help you develop core strength and openness, so you can stand tall and breathe fully. Love this post? Find more from Emily Burrows here. For one-on-one accountability and support: Learn about Self-Care Coaching with Emily. Learn about Private Yoga Lessons with …Read More

    8-Exercise Circuit Workout


      Join Marcy Luna for 8 different 1-minute exercises. Click here for more of our Quick Exercises Video Series. I want to try this (add to my List) Forget to Log In? Hello! In order to add this activity to your action list, you must be logged in. Log In

    High Intensity Tabata Workout 2


      Marcy takes you through this intense, but short and effective fitness-building exercise. Tabata-style High Intensity Interval Training has become popular due to a few scientific studies showing impressive results on health indicators when compared to some longer, less intense workouts. Click here for more of our Quick Exercises Video Series. I want to try …Read More

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