Jen Snider, founder

“I am committed to helping  you face the natural challenges of modern life with honesty and self-compassion, enabling you to clarify and realize your next steps to living in healthier and more satisfying ways.”

Psychotherapist, Jen Snider, MSW, LCSW, has been passionate about meeting people in the challenges of real life for nearly 20 years. Drawing from mindfulness, cognitive, behavioral and integrative therapeutic disciplines, Jen can help you meet the challenges of your life with honesty and self-compassion.

Jen is the founder of Grow Well, and works with individuals, families, groups and community toward greater health, happiness and fulfillment.

Jen also has a background in farming, is a mom and has been weaving mindfulness practice into her everyday life for many years. Jen is passionate about restoring our natural relationships with food, a passion largely fueled by the gift of growing food and raising animals.

Jen is in practice with living a well and compassionate life, which is a work in progress full of humanity and humility.

Work with Jen

Jen is the primary teacher, coach and psychotherapist at Grow Well. Jen currently provides psychotherapy out of her Chapel Hill office.

You can schedule a consultation with Jen or reach out at

Jen’s Background 

Jen started Grow Well in 2013 as a space to inspire and support your efforts to make healthy changes toward living a more peaceful and satisfying life.

Jen completed her Master of Social Work degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she later went on to teach. She has pursued advanced training focused on mindfulness and mindful eating, holistic nutrition and wellness, food/brain science and empowering authentic and lasting behavior change. Jen holds a certificate from the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy and is a qualified instructor of Mindfulness-based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT), an evidence-based approach to helping people experience new flexibility and balance as they make changes toward healthier eating.

A few years ago, listening to lectures while picking tomatoes on the farm, Jen also completed the Institute for Integrative Nutrition health coaching program. She later earned Culinary Instructor certification under Diane Carlson of The Conscious Gourmet Institute.

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