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Here at Grow Well, we bring compassionate health support right to your computer with our welcoming Online Programs. Find the perfect program for you below! Stay tuned for future programs and events when you subscribe to our e-newsletter.

Growing Well Together

A Mindful Wellness Practice Community on Facebook  . As you know, deepening the experience of health, peace and happiness in life is an inside job. But based on research, my own experiences towards healthy living and my work supporting others, it is clear that being connected in community with others can be incredibly valuable. There is no cost …Read More

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Yoga Basics Online Program

Find your unique path to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Yoga Basics is a friendly, home-based introduction to yoga led by a caring teacher. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill yoga video series; it’s guided practice in self-acceptance. Whether you want to dip your toes into yoga or jumpstart a lasting practice, Yoga Basics will help you progress at your pace with the …Read More

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Free Yourself Around Food | A Mindful Eating Experience

. What if you could lessen your struggle with food, and bring new levels of peace, ease and health to your everyday eating?   More and more research is pointing out that learning and practicing mindfulness and self-kindness encourages healthier eating patterns, and aids in a variety of food related health aims, from weight loss to addressing the root causes …Read More

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