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I’m so glad you will be joining in as we share and support one another in the exploration of mindful practices towards greater peace and wellbeing. This page looks a little long, but don’t worry. It goes by fast!

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Guidelines for Participation in the Growing Well Together Facebook Community

Purpose of the Community. Growing Well Together is a closed Facebook group for people to practice mindful living and self-compassionate change with others. Social support can be beneficial as we learn and make changes. Whether you are new to mindful wellness practices or have been practicing for a long time, I hope that the opportunity of shared practice, insights, resources and support will be beneficial.

Privacy. Your privacy on Facebook is your responsibility. You alone are responsible for your participation in this online community. Please review your Facebook privacy settings to assure that they are set to your comfort-level. In general, it is advisable to avoid sharing overly personal details about your life.  Click here to learn more about what is visible to the public in a “closed Facebook group” like this and click here to learn more about adjusting the privacy settings of your personal Facebook account.

Online community is not psychotherapy, coaching or medical treatment. Community partner and Grow Well team member participation is invited to share resources and join in community practice, and should under no circumstance be construed as diagnosis or treatment of a mental or physical illness.

Guidelines for Writing About Bodies and Weight. We live in a culture that is over-focused on weight-loss, dieting and changing our bodies. Social media comments, positive or negative, that reinforce our cultural preoccupation with weight, body appearance and dieting can trigger discomfort or negative experiences in ourselves and others. Please do your best to refrain from sharing comments or posts (positive or negative) focused on weight loss or dieting, and certainly avoid negative comments about your body or the body of another person. As a rule of thumb, focus on the skills and health behaviors you are practicing rather than making comments specifically about weight-loss and dieting. Questions on this guideline can be routed to me at jen@growwell.me. Happy to discuss.

Advice-Giving.  Unless a forum member has specifically solicited advice from the community, please refrain from giving advice. For example, if someone shares “I have been struggling,” an advice-giving response might be “you should do_X_.” A supportive response in a community of shared practice might be “I understand and have experienced something like this, too. I found that _X_ worked for me in case it helps you. Thanks for sharing your experience!”

Challenging or Negative Feedback. While some people view “tough love,” negative and/or confronting statements as supportive, comments in this style are inappropriate in this community. Negative or otherwise inappropriate comments may result in removal from the group at the administrator’s discretion.

Kindness is expected and welcome. Kindness within this community is a core expectation of all participants- please be kind with one another. Also, in the background of the Growing Well Together Community is a standing “kindness challenge.” If you commit, witness or receive an act of kindness in your life, please always feel free to share it here. Each July we devote this community to nothing but kindness.

How Do I Participate? 

  • As often as you can, write from your own experience and support others as they do the same. As you engage with mindful wellness practices in your own life, share insights, experiences and struggles, invite support, start discussions, start mini-challenges… you name it!
  • Share comments, resources, memes, inspirations, photos, etc. that deepen the practice for you and may inspire and encourage others similarly.
  • Be an active reader and community member by “liking” comments of others and commenting supportively.
  • Engage with queries that are posed by Jen or the administrator on the monthly topic.


How Do I Become a Community Partner? For each monthly challenge, I will invite folks to become Community Partners. Community Partners are people with special expertise or interest in a specific topic. Community partners take on a couple of distinctive responsibilities for the month of practice:

  1. A commitment to active engagement in the Facebook group throughout the challenge month. This means commitment to an active personal practice with the topic (e.g. self-compassion or curiosity) and engagement in the Growing Well Together Community throughout the month.
  2. The potential (not required) to collaborate with Jen to share resources on the topic being covered (e.g. an article you’ve written, a short video, a resource). If you have unique experience or expertise on the topic being covered, this may be a good fit. You don’t have to be a wellness practitioner to become a partner.
  3. A commitment to helping the practice community grow a bit by inviting friends, family, clients or colleagues to engage in shared practice.
  4. Community partners will be mentioned in a newsletter of Grow Well and in our social media postings once a month (if you’d like). Also,  your information and bio may be listed on our “partners page” if you’d like to let others know what you’re up to in the world.


Cost of Membership. This is an absolutely free opportunity. Cost is too often a barrier to shared experience with practices that can support us. That said, sustaining a community like this takes some valuable time, so once a month I will pass around a “red giving box.” If the your experience in this community has been valuable and you have the means, consider pitching in a bit to refill our coffers. No expectation. No pressure. Totally up to you.

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    *See Guidelines for Participation in the Growing Well Together closed Facebook group for guidance on minimizing these risks.
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