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    Freeing an Insatiable Mind

    Author: Jen Snider


    My attention span feels shorter and my thinking has become more distractible. When I slow down enough notice the amount of time that passes before my mind wants to “bounce,” it’s pretty concerning. Often I add this concern to a mental list of “things to deal with” but I never do.  How about right now? Gentle Curiosity  …Read More

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    Meditation for Living Intention

    Author: Jen Snider


    This meditation is a chance to spend a few minutes connecting with an intention you wish to fulfill in your own life.   For the month of January 2017 we will be “Bringing Intention to Life” in our mindful wellness online community. Click here to learn more about practicing with us (new topics every month).  To learn more …Read More

    Living, Breathing Intention

    Author: Jen Snider


    For the month of January 2017 we will be “Bringing Intention to Life” in our mindful wellness online community. Click here to learn more about practicing with us (new topics every month).  How do we bring new intentions to life? “Ow!” The stinging twinge is familiar – one spot, now another across my shoulders. I pull my sweaty green …Read More

    The Peace of Letting Go

    Author: Jen Snider


    For the month of December 2016 we will be “Practicing Letting Go” in our mindful wellness online community. Click here to learn more about practicing with us (new topics every month).  What does letting go mean to you, and why is it a valuable skill? Renown meditation teacher Jack Kornfield often tells the story of a soldier who attended a mindfulness-based …Read More

    Letting Wisdom In

    Author: Jen Snider


    For the month of November 2016 we will be “Practicing Balance: Taking Care of Others & Taking Care of You” in our mindful wellness online community. Click here to learn more about practicing with us (new topics every month).  How often do we read or hear good advice these days? When it comes to taking care of ourselves …Read More

    Practicing Self-Compassion

    Author: Jen Snider


    For the month of October 2016 we will be “Practicing Self-Compassion” in our mindful wellness online community. Click here to learn more about practicing with us (new topics every month).  What is self-compassion? Self-compassion has been defined by Kristin Neff in her pioneering research as simply turning compassion we might feel for others towards ourselves. Compassion, when …Read More

    The Courage to Change in New Ways

    Author: Jen Snider


    After a long and frustrating day at work, she searched the cupboard for some relief. A bag of something, a box. Finding nothing that would satisfy, she closed the cupboard and stepped back. She took a breath and remembered something.  She walked over to the television and clicked it off, cleared a stack of papers from …Read More

    Rivers and Why We Need One Another

    Author: Jen Snider


    Many years ago I was in a raft on the Colorado River deep in the heart of the Grand Canyon. My nervous hands clenched a thin rope as we glided into the top of Crystal rapid (one of the big ones), and a fraction of a moment later I was deep underwater, holding nothing as my body hurtled through churning, wild water …Read More

    One Story of a Girl and her Food

    Author: Jen Snider


    What’s your story with food and eating? My story is perhaps a typical one, unique in its ways. My early eating life followed the trends of the American culture in which I was raised. My parents did their best to raise me to be a healthy person and a good eater. Mom prepared home-cooked, balanced meals and …Read More

    July Daily Kindness Challenge – 2016

    Author: Jen Snider


    Intended, planned, daily kindness. It was the experiment we ran in July 2014 Kindness Challenge, and it was a beautiful unfolding. It’s about time we did it again, wouldn’t you say? “Just know that the engine you kick started (with the July Daily Kindness Challenge) continues to purr away daily in my life. Awareness is …Read More

    Plants for Health

    Author: Jane Saiers


    With the warm temperatures and sunny days of the past two weeks, the plant world has come to life. Daffodils, hyacinths, and tulip magnolias are blooming; grass is growing; and the deciduous trees have taken on the green tinge that presages their bursting into full leaf. With these changes that manifest renewal, we ourselves feel …Read More

    Calm in the Storm: Mindfulness in Real Life

    Author: Jen Snider


    I’m merging onto a packed freeway and there is just enough space for my farm truck to squeeze into the 75mph flow. An 18-wheeler is hovering to the left of me and the car behind me is repeatedly speeding up to my back bumper. As I peek at the driver behind me, I notice an …Read More

    Life and Wellness Coaching

    Changing How We Change

    Author: Jen Snider


    I work with people to alleviate the the pain of too much. In our culture: Too much marketing that keeps us thinking about what’s wrong with us. Too many distorted images of what healthy looks like. Too much health advice flooding our news feeds. Too much negativity about our bodies, our naturalness, our variations, our aging. Too many unsupported …Read More

    The Allure of Fresh Starts

    Author: Jen Snider


    I can’t tell you how many people have told me they would love a fresh start. The language is different for everyone, but here are a few versions I hear often: If I could just take a week/ month/ year off, I would… If I could just get some relief from my job/ kids/ spouse/ responsibilities/ …Read More

    Comforting Ourselves through Change

    Author: Jen Snider


    Letting go of our dearest comforts takes extra special care.  This morning, we started a “no-binkie” experiment to see how our little boy would fare. He was upset first, then brave, and for a good hour, he was absolutely fine. Then, in a moment of absent-minded comfort-seeking, he went for the binkie. His courage collapsed into outrage, desperation, sadness and fear. …Read More

    Mindful Eating is a Personal Revelation

    Author: Grow Well


    I have taught and practiced mindful eating for many years now. What I find most meaningful is that when I slow down and pay attention, so much about life is revealed. The approach to food I learned as a child becomes illuminated in new ways and subtle beliefs about eating can be brought into the …Read More

    Is Clutter Getting in the Way of Self-Care?

    Author: Emily Burrows


    Even though I’m a self-care and wellness coach, there are plenty of health habits that I’m still in the early stages of addressing. This post is about one of those habits. As I write this, I’m sitting on the couch, an area where I generally would prefer not to write. I’ve been working from the …Read More

    Soft Bellies and Winter

    Author: Jen Snider


    I’ve been thinking about the extra bit of softness and roundness some of us experience in our bodies in the cooler months. I was having some fun with this article idea and googling things like “natural winter weight gain” and predictably finding a sea of articles with tips to combat, fight, and otherwise wage war …Read More

    Feel-Good Lifestyle Changes

    Author: Emily Burrows


    February is one of the best times of year to get a machine at the gym. About 40% of the New Year’s resolution crowd has already lost steam, leaving far less demand for the stair climber and plenty of parking spots out front. Even though we may start the year with the best intentions, the …Read More

    Grow Well 2014 Year in Review

    Author: Grow Well


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