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    How to Let Go


    I’ve seen this exercise time and again. A person with 2 fingers holding onto a tissue or a piece of paper, and the instruction is given: show me what it looks like to hope to let go (no change).  Show me what it looks like to try to let go (no change).  Show me what it looks …Read More

    Listening to the Body with a Reluctant Mind


    Today was supposed to be my writing day.  I had a topic in mind, I had an early morning window carved out.  I was ready. Unfortunately, my 9:30 bedtime last night turned into nearly midnight, and my night was peppered with unwelcome wakefulness.  When I arose early, I could feel weariness throughout my body, especially in …Read More

    5 Bedtime Habits for Better Sleep


    For many Americans, lack of restorative sleep is one of the most troubling factors impacting our health.  Sleep is our body’s time to restore and heal, so it is no surprise that poor sleep duration and quality are linked with a range of chronic health problems, as well as diminished productivity and effectiveness.  American adults are averaging …Read More

    Yoga for Sleep


    Few things are as frustrating as being wide awake when you’re craving a good night’s sleep. Research shows an alarming list of ways we are hurting ourselves by not sleeping. Lack of sleep is related to everything from depression to heart disease, which is enough to work any insomniac into a frenzy. Which really stinks, …Read More

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Why We Focus on Mindfulness

Mindfulness, as a practice of bringing non-judging awareness to what is happening in and around us in the present moment, is increasingly revealed through scientific study and personal practice as a powerful ally in causing health improvements.  Read on.

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