Why We Focus on Mindful Living


Author: Jen Snider

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Mindfulness, the practice of non-judging awareness, is increasingly revealed through scientific study as a powerful ally in health improvements.  It is no secret that modern life can challenge in ways that affect our bodies, minds and spirits.  Mindfulness-based tools are coming more and more into the mainstream, including clinically studied practices like Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs, mindfulness-based therapies and mindful eating, as well as a broad range of everyday practices from contemplative prayer or meditation, to yoga, to Tai Chi or Qigong and other forms of mindful living. IMG_4397 Grow Well brings you a range of practice inspirations and ideas, and opens conversations in our Growing Well Together Facebook Community on the beautiful and unfolding impact of living a more mindful life. Many of us know the potential benefits of mindful practice, but struggle to find a way to get started or stay with it.  If this is you, consider joining us to ongoingly discover new ways to bring this healing practice to life.

If you’d like to learn more about mindful and self-compassionate support, check out our next offering of The Peaceful Plate Program or set up a free consultation with Jen.

If you’d like to explore the power of online community to support your everyday wellbeing, join our free Mindful Wellness Practice Community on Facebook.


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