Warrior 2


Author: Emily Burrows

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As I started to write this blog post, the first words that appeared on the page were: “Warrior 2 is one of my all-time favorite yoga poses.” I think I’ve started a lot of the pose tutorials in our Yoga for Every Body series that way! It isn’t that I’m lying, it’s just that there are SO many poses that I feel drawn to every single day. Warrior 2 is for sure one of those.

One of the challenging parts of engaging your belly muscles like you will in the warrior 2, is the temptation to hold your breath or only breathe in your chest. You’ll notice that I sometimes place my hands on my rib cage in this video after directing us to draw the belly muscles upward. Your ribs can be a really nice place to breathe into and practice the sense of feeling soft strength through your stomach without “sucking in.”

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This video is part of our Yoga is for Every Body series!

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