Take 5 on the Farm | Chicks in the Grass


Author: Jen Snider

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This was filmed the day these sweet little ones were finally ready to venture outdoors.  These chicks are three different breeds, Cuckoo Maran which are black, Light Brahmas which are large and white, and Bantam Silkies who are small fluffy scene-stealers.  They came to us from a trusted local source, but upon further inquiry we learned that they were shipped to our source from another state.  We continue to learn about raising chickens and have tended to choose endangered breeds from the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy list.  In the future we will look more carefully for local hatcheries if we can find them. We are committed to our animals enjoying good lives – they are wonderful friends who give us so much.

Part of the inspiration behind Grow Well was the understanding that spending time outdoors and on a farm is a great way to practice mindfulness and relieve stress. The Take 5 on the Farm video series is a very simple and sweet way for you to have access to the little joys of life here at Lazy Turtle Farm.

We think our little fluff balls are totally cute enough to be in the YouTube world of cuteness that’s mostly videos of babies (human ones, we mean), cats and dogs. Don’t you think?

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