Outrageously Healthy Salad


Author: Jen Snider

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As I prepared this salad, I felt myself getting more and more excited about its nutrient power (and I also grew suspicious about whether it would taste great when all was said and done). Much to my joy, it is as beautiful and delicious as it is nutritious. I ended up adding some of the wild yums of spring (see my little article about them here) and bringing this dish to our Easter gathering, where it was gobbled up and adored.

detox salad with wild yums horizontal


2 leeks, cut lengthwise and then in half-moons (fill sink or bowl with water and submerge leeks to clean all the in between layers)

1 carrot, shredded

½ head green or Napa cabbage, sliced thinly

2 cups spinach or kale, sliced thinly

½ cup parsley, chopped

½ cup sunflower seeds

¼ cup walnuts, chopped (I recommend soaking walnuts overnight or for awhile before use, but not required – increases digestibility)

¼ cup sesame seeds

1 cup currants, raisins, dried cherries or dried cherries or fresh blueberries (I mixed currants and cherries)


Juice and zest of 1 lemon or 2 limes

2 teaspoons kelp powder or flakes (I used this brand because my store had it – you can sprinkle this high nutrient stuff on anything!)

2 Tablespoons apple cider or rice vinegar

2 Tablespoons real maple syrup

Good salt and pepper, to taste


1. Prepare all salad ingredients in a large bowl.

2. Combine the dressing ingredients in a separate bowl then add to the salad, tossing to coat.

3. Taste, adjust and play with the flavors as you’d like.

Possible additions

-Add pre-cooked quinoa or pastured hard-boiled eggs for a full protein meal.

-Add some yummy wild flowers and leaves (I added dandelion flowers and greens, violet flowers and greens and red bud blossoms – gorgeous!).

-Add a little high quality olive or avocado oil if you want some healthy fat.

Thanks to Chef Robin and her CCCC students for this fun recipe!


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