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Author: Jen Snider

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Sometimes you luck out and cross paths with amazing people in life. This happened to me several years back when I met Lee and Larry Newlin at a sustainable agriculture conference.* Together, they have created Peaceful River Farm and Lee’s Healthy Cooking, two ventures near Chapel Hill, NC that form a dynamic, living example and inspiration for the healing potential of land, food and committed human energy.  This short video gives you a chance to hang out in the kitchen and visit with Lee as she talks about the way she brings farm food to life in her cooking classes.  Look for other videos from our walk around their autumn farm beds soon.

Years before I met her, Lee fought her way through a serious health diagnosis and treatment.  As she began to put the pieces of her health back together, she found what many find — not much guidance on how to rebuild. She took to the books, the gardens and the kitchen, and now she shines a passionate light for others on our ability to use food to restore, rebuild and thrive.  Meet Lee Newlin, and if you’re local or visiting, look for the cooking classes and farm dinners they offer.  To visit their website, click here.

*I mentioned the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association Conference above. If you are looking for an incredible introduction into the world of sustainable food systems and how to make your sustainable enterprise ideas possible, don’t miss this conference.

About the Farming Health Series.  One of the unfortunate impacts of the industrialization of our food supply is that many in our world have lost touch with where our food comes from.  With our Farming Health Series, we’ll introduce you to beautiful food and the farmers who grow it.  

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