July Daily Kindness Challenge – 2016


Author: Jen Snider

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Intended, planned, daily kindness. It was the experiment we ran in July 2014 Kindness Challenge, and it was a beautiful unfolding. It’s about time we did it again, wouldn’t you say?

“Just know that the engine you kick started (with the July Daily Kindness Challenge) continues to purr away daily in my life. Awareness is heightened and with it also production, recognition, and gratitude. A week has not gone by that I did not have a reason or an opportunity to reflect on the challenge and continue to observe and practice kindness. Thank you for the heightened awareness and for the habit. I plan to make it a life long habit even more than it already was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – from a wonderful previous participant (and t-shirt winner!)

We need no research (though more and more exists) to support the idea that kindness toward self and others forms a powerful basis for deeper happiness and health.  Did you know it can even change your brain chemistry? We are returning to the July Daily Kindness Challenge as a structure to support you in raising your personal level of kindness.

To join the challenge:

1.  Commit. Look inward and imagine what difference it might make in your life and the lives of others for you to take this on. Then, put yourself on the line for the 31 days of July, no kidding, kindness every day.

2. Be kind every day and share your experiences and encourage others.


Sharing with others exponentially expands the experience. It’s joyful.

Active participants in the Daily Kindness Challenge in our Facebook community will be entered into a drawing to receive a Living Better Every Day T-shirt.  Don’t get me wrong, friends. This isn’t about competing with one another (unless that spurs you on to greater kindness ;). This is about the life-changing potential of everyday kindness. How much impact can we make in our own hearts & minds and in the world around us?

Grow Well will support this challenge throughout, providing prompts, input and encouragement.

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