To You… The Inspirers


Author: Jen Snider

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img_6388Driving down the road to the big red barn, I lower my windows to let in the smells and sights. I look up to see the greeting smiles of my friends Jane and Darin, who farm this land.

As we gather in hugs and they insist on carrying things, my eyes can’t help but wander to their gardens. My heart skips with awe, knowing something of how much work it takes to yield such abundant beauty and nourishment.

We walk into the barn to find more hugs and our dear friend Vera, who has already set the spaces for our cooking class. The rustic elegance of the tables and the brilliant, generous simplicity of the way she teaches are breathtaking to me. My eyes are already feasting on what we’ll together prepare.

I know these people well after a year together co-creating our Seasonal Food & Garden workshops. I know their incredible, joyful kindness. I know the depth of their commitment to health and community, something they both walk and talk every day. I know their talent and intelligence, as each in her or his own way works to build easy pathways for others to remember the guiding wisdom of earth and food and goodwill.

Within a moment of being in this sweet company, there is a smile glowing from deep within. I can’t wait for our guests to arrive, or for the learning and conversations we’ll share. I grow eager for smells and tastes and feels of nature and food. And I rejoice for the quiet moments, all of us feeling truly cared for in the company of our fellows in this world.

I’m not looking at politics much more at this point.

I’d rather look at Jane, Vera, Darin, the chickens, the plants, the mushrooms and you.

You all, the inspirers. The ones who make the world better, one kind moment at a time.

Who are your inspirers?

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