Edible Garden: Spring Veggie Tour


Author: Morgan

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Jen takes us on a quick (and delightful) tour through some great options for spring veggies to add into your cooking, including EDIBLE FLOWERS! Eating in season has many benefits, so we’re offering a taste of what’s in season this Spring in Hillsborough, NC. This video shows some of the nutrient-rich options straight from the garden, including strawberries, chives, violets (and other edible flowers), mint and pea shoots. Mmmm! Which flowers do you like to eat and how do you serve them?

As Jen says so well, “There’s something really cool about knowing your food — getting to see it grow, getting to eat it at its peak of vibrancy and life. If we recognize that food becomes who we are in the form of our bodies, then how exciting it is to eat food at its peak of living it’s life?”

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