Changing How We Change


Author: Jen Snider

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Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 4.49.23 PMI work with people to alleviate the the pain of too much.

In our culture: Too much marketing that keeps us thinking about what’s wrong with us. Too many distorted images of what healthy looks like. Too much health advice flooding our news feeds. Too much negativity about our bodies, our naturalness, our variations, our aging. Too many unsupported claims and short-term solutions.

In our personal experiences: Too much to juggle in our real lives. Too many past “failures” with health and lifestyle. Too much unfavorable comparison and self-judgment. Too many options, choices and distractions. Too much resignation, anxiety, isolation, disappointment, shame, hopelessness.

As I explore this pain in conversation with others, in my own health experiences, and in the exciting science emerging that brings together neuroscience, human behavior change and ancient practices of mindfulness, a program has emerged that feels honest, grounded and distinctively helpful for those who have struggled to find their way to the health changes they desire.

In the Wise Roots Coaching program, we embark on health and lifestyle changes in ways that:

  • Spark curiosity and care for the whole journey of change. As human beings walking through life, we will encounter opportunities and needs for change all the time. What if the process of change, as applied to any part of our lives, could begin to feel welcoming, familiar and skillful?
  • Address what makes lifestyle change difficult in an up-front and accessible way. There are predictable barriers and irritants to our efforts to change (in this program, we call them “pests.”). When we can begin to meet obstacles with a friendly, curious eye, what strength and resilience can emerge?
  • Incorporate practical mindfulness practices into change efforts, emphasizing caring attention and kind awareness. Mindfulness is the practice of being non-judgmentally awake and present to the moment by moment experience of living. Through practicing mindfulness as we change, we can learn to free ourselves from some of the intensity of too much (in our culture and in our personal experiences), enabling us to slow down a bit and see ourselves and our choices in new ways.
  • Explore and keep present our personal, root intentions for change. Too often in our culture, we are driven to make lifestyle changes in response to internal and/or cultural pressure about what we should want. In this program, we explore and presence the authentic and personal roots of your intentions to change.

Nourish and strengthen our efforts to change. Nothing grows well without nourishment. When it comes to making changes, too often we focus only on whether the change is working or not, and not whether we can nourish our efforts in new ways to help the change along.


To learn more about these practices and other ways to get support for what you’re up to in life, set up a free consultation with Jen, Grow Well founder, psychotherapist and coach or check our our upcoming community offerings

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