A Few Favorite Winter Recipes


Author: Jen Snider

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As we prepare for our Seasonal Food Workshops starting this year in partnership with RambleRill and Ten Mothers Farms, we are preparing new recipes and looking back at our old favorites. This post is a quick highlight of a few that we love.

Deep Down Good Sweet Potato Stew

At our home, this recipe is a staple. Sweet, rich, simple to prepare. Sweet potatoes store very well through the winter, providing nutrient-packed color in the drab colder months.

Sweet Potato Stew

Bright and Beautiful Quinoa Salad

Acorn squash and kale, a few raisins and nuts, a little crisp apple, all tossed in a simple dressing over a bed of protein-rich quinoa. If you’ve had one too many heavy meals over the holiday, this light, satisfying, nutrient packed salad might be just what you’re looking for.

Bright Quinoa Salad 2

Simple Real Food Fudge

A little spice, a little sweet and a whole lot of real food nutrition in these filling little delights, perfect for a chilly evening. Notice how gloriously filling they are as you eat them.

You’ll only need one to satisfy.Cups of Fudge

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