5 Ways to Lift Your Energy


Author: Jen Snider

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The five activities listed here are things you already know. No surprises here. The magic is in doing them!

1. Do something kind. A kind action as simple as a smile can change not only your energy, but that of another. Look for an opportunity to take a simple kind action and watch the effects.

I also offer this Loving Kindness Meditation as another way to practice kindness.   And you can read more here about the health effects of kindness.


2. Move your body for 10-15 minutes.  When your heart beats faster, your blood moves faster.  When you breathe more deeply, your blood takes in more oxygen.  When you get the pump of your human body going, YOU get going.  Here’s a 15-minute exercise offered by Marcy Luna that you can do right now, and you can find more brief workouts here. Do some squats, go for a walk, march in place, flap your arms… just move.


3. Eat a balanced meal or snack.  Watch out for sweets and simple carbohydrates when you need a boost. While they may give you a brief blood sugar kick, your energy is sure to head off a cliff soon after.  Combine whole grain carbohydrates with fats and proteins to round out your meals and snacks. Check out our Recipes if you need ideas.

I love taking pictures of my lunch!  Lots of colors, beans & rice, fermented veggies and olive oil.  Yum!

I love taking pictures of my lunch! Lots of colors, beans & rice, fermented veggies and olive oil. Yum!


4.  Practice yoga.  Emily has written a lovely post about Boosting Your Energy with Yoga.  There you’ll find tutorials for breathing and mindful movement (like the pose below), to help you feel equal parts calm and energized. Click here to find more of our short-practice yoga videos if you’d like to follow along.


5.  Step outside.  One of the nicest things about farm-based wellness is our access to nature. Soaking up a little bit of vitamin D from sunshine or even just a few breaths of fresh air can give you a new perspective on life, and leave you feeling much more alert and focused. So take a break in the great outdoors (even if it’s in the city) and enjoy the free energy boost.

Importantly, if your body and mind are asking for ~rest~, consider it.  Our bodies aren’t meant to run non-stop. Each of the above can give you a moment of pause in a busy day, and if when you’re in that moment you feel like you’re not bouncing back like you’d hope, take it seriously.  Ask your body what it needs, and consider honoring what it may be asking for.

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