2-Minute Power Beet Salad


Author: Jen Snider

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The way I usually cook is fast. Quick, thrown together combinations of real food and stuff that makes it taste great. I balance flavors and textures by instinct more than by procedure. This is one of those thrown together meals that is so satisfying and delicious and EASY.  Got a cheese grater? Good. You’ve got this.  Beet salad


1 raw beet, washed and grated (I like the nutrients and bitterness in the peel, but you can peel it if you want)

1 large carrot, washed and grated

Juice of 1/2 orange (go ahead and add the pulp if you’d like -it’s your salad!)

A splash of toasted sesame oil to taste (This toasty flavored oil sits in my fridge and I use it little by little over a year – if you don’t want to go out and buy it, add a splash of nice olive oil instead).

A good sprinkle of seeds or nuts (sesame, pumpkin, hemp or sunflower seeds are nice, as are walnuts, almond slices or whatever you’ve got)

Good salt and pepper, to taste

2 avocados, halved (optional)


1. Grate your beet and carrot and put them in a bowl.

2. Toss in the orange juice, a splash of oil and a little salt and pepper, then give it a taste. Adjust flavor by adding a little more of any of it to your liking.

3. Sprinkle in your seeds or nuts and serve, either on a dish or in an halved avocado.

What 2-minute recipes do YOU know?  Share in a the comments!


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