Growing Well Together

A Mindful Wellness Practice Community on Facebook 

47946933 - united hands close up. black and white retro stylizationAs you know, deepening the experience of health, peace and happiness in life is an inside job. But based on research, my own experiences towards healthy living and my work supporting others, it is clear that being connected in community with others can be incredibly valuable.

There is no cost to you for being a part of this community. Join in!

Modern life can present formidable challenges when it comes to wellbeing. Many of us struggle with factors such as busy and full lives, feelings of distraction and overwhelm, past efforts at health changes that have felt unsuccessful and frustrating, and inner and outer messages of criticism, fear or shame.

The mindful wellness practice topics in this community aim to help you build sustainable everyday practices that support wellness of body and mind, while strengthening your ability to dance with life’s natural challenges and difficulties.

Each monthly topic will:

  • Emphasize the power of kindness towards ourselves and others.
  • Provide the opportunity of frequent reminders, inspiration and support.
  • Kick off with an orienting article & resources to help you practice. Your practice throughout the month will be nourished by shared experiences and additional resources.
  • Be a helpful compliment to your other efforts towards greater health, peace and happiness.
  • Be a chance to practice alongside community members, teachers and collaborators who not only add resources, but share in the practice throughout the month.



**In March 2017, I am taking a brief hiatus from online work. Feel free to join in and we’ll likely be getting a new topic off the ground in April. Read more about the hiatus here if you’s like. Welcome!

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