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Imagine freedom from the struggle of health and lifestyle change.

Don’t worry. This is no false promise or ridiculous claim. Instead, it’s an opportunity to consider a future in which you are actually free from the struggle. What would it be like?

I used to imagine that freedom would be the result of finally perfecting my efforts at healthy living. Freedom would be what comes next after achieving a body ideal, having the perfect family, job and income, mastering my schedule, feeling happiness and ease everyday. The problem with this perspective? Freedom was always something I was saving for the “better version of me” I was trying to become. 

Now I know that freedom is something I can have at any moment. Freedom comes from learning to embrace who I am right now, no matter what I’m dealing with. It comes from remembering my deeper intentions often, and acting on them. It comes from facing challenges honestly, directly and with openness to discovering new ways to live. It comes from the urgency of loving my life now

I like this new kind of freedom, and I’m healthier for it. It’s one of the many reasons I do this work.

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How Can Coaching Help?

If you’ve struggled with health and lifestyle changes for years, a little support can go a long way toward helping you find your way to something new. Coaching is a unique relationship which provides several opportunities:

A Supportive Partnership. Imagine having someone devoted to helping you get free of the struggle. Now imagine someone genuine and down-to-earth with nearly 20 years of experience helping people make changes, as well as deep training in mindfulness and self-compassion, healthy habit change, food & eating and more. Imagine everyday access* and regularly scheduled conversations. Imagine the impact of accountability to a new way of considering your life, your health and the changes you want to make.

Get Clear about What You Want and How to Get There. Imagine actually carving out the time to hone in on the changes that matter to you, then laying out a realistic plan to bring them to life. That’s exactly what you’ll do. Using tools that help you look deeply at your life, you will identify specific changes and lifestyle adaptations that are logical next steps for you to practice, explore and achieve. 

Deal Honestly with Reality, Setbacks, Failure and Feelings. Too often our perceived “failures” with wellness efforts represent the end of our efforts. Imagine building a relationship with yourself as you make changes that enables you to build new resilience, learning to look honestly at your life, honor your feelings, explore your failures, and openly face the setbacks.

Mindfulness Training. Learn and practice bringing kind, compassionate awareness to your life in the present moment. Whether you are interested in meditation or everyday practices for mindful living, integrating a little mindfulness into your life will serve you well.

Wise Roots Coaching Programs

I offer three different structures for coaching. Both of the jumpstart programs can easily roll into long-term supportive coaching once completed. Set up a free consultation to discuss prices and get your questions answered.

Mindful Living & Wellness Coaching. This is the base coaching program, and includes twice monthly face-to-face sessions and ongoing communication through a shared document and/or email*. Discounts offered for 3-month commitments.

Wise Roots Change Jumpstart. An 8-week program & resources focused on healthy change. If you would like to get a jumpstart on healthy approaches to lifestyle change, this intensive program includes bi-weekly face-to-face sessions (in-office or video), personalized training in a powerful structure for making changes in healthy and sustainable ways, customized resources and active communication through a shared document and/or email/text/voicemail*. 

Peaceful Plate Jumpstart. An 8-week program & resources focused on mindful eating. If eating is your primary area of struggle, this intensive jumpstart includes bi-weekly face-to-face sessions (in-office or video), personalized training in mindful eating and practical food skills, customized resources and ongoing communication through a shared document and/or email/text/voicemail*. 

If any of this looks interesting to you, I hope you’ll jump on in. In the big picture of your life, giving yourself this support is a small investment that can pay off in limitless ways in your life ahead.

*Communication throughout these programs is intended to be active on your part. Communication enables the kinds of awareness, accountability, support and presence. We use available technologies that are most comfortable to you.

About your Coach

Learn more about Grow Well founder and creator of the Wise Roots Coaching programs, Jen Snider. 

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*Ongoing communication typically includes daily check-ins with the exception of weekends, when I prioritize my own self-care. Tools can be set up to make this communication easy to use. 

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