Supportive Services

One of the kindest things you can do for yourself and the people in your life is to take good care of yourself. Professional support can be invaluable as you remove barriers to healing, and explore new pathways to the changes that matter most in your life.

We also offer classes, workshops and online support to help.

Our services are provided either in the comfort of our Chapel Hill office or from the comfort of your home. See below for details.


I have been passionate about meeting people in the honest challenges of everyday life for nearly 20 years. I founded Grow Well as a resource for you and our community, a safe and compassionate space to explore our authentic efforts at healing, growth and change.  As a psychotherapist, I use a client-centered, mindfulness-based approach to …Read More

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Life and Wellness Coaching

Wise Roots Coaching Programs

Imagine freedom from the struggle of health and lifestyle change. Don’t worry. This is no false promise or ridiculous claim. Instead, it’s an opportunity to consider a future in which you are actually free from the struggle. What would it be like? I used to imagine that freedom would be the result of finally perfecting my efforts at healthy …Read More

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