Yoga Basics Online Program

Find your unique path to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness.

Yoga Basics is a friendly, home-based introduction to yoga led by a caring teacher. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill yoga video series; it’s guided practice in self-acceptance.

Whether you want to dip your toes into yoga or jumpstart a lasting practice, Yoga Basics will help you progress at your pace with the help of:

4 hours of videos you can come back to anytime,
Regular emails to keep you on track and inspired,
Audio lessons on yoga’s deeper meaning,
Inspiring challenges and
Access to your teacher and the support of other Yoga Basics students through a private Facebook group.

We’re starting Yoga Basics together on June 1! Just click the PayPal button to join us.

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Yoga Basics Sign upYoga Basics is an inclusive yoga program for beginners and returners. This program isn’t about twisting yourself into a pretzel, it’s about creating calm and kindness in your daily life. Throughout the program you’ll have access to a private Yoga Basics Facebook group, where you and other students can connect with the teacher to get your questions answered, from physical challenges to yoga philosophy.

“Why Yoga?”

Yoga helps people of all backgrounds, shapes and ages boost their wellbeing and happiness. Practicing the poses you’ll be introduced to in Yoga Basics can improve flexibility, strength, energy and balance.

Practicing mindfulness and self compassion (the foundations of Yoga Basics) can reduce stress, anxiety and negative self talk, as well as physical health challenges from headaches to insomnia.

For more reasons to get started with yoga, see The Top 5 Reasons Why I Practice Yoga.

“How do I know Yoga Basics is right for me?”

Yoga Basics may be a great fit if you:

– Are new to yoga or want to revisit the basics.
– Like the comfort of practicing in your living room.
– Feel like you’re not bendy, strong or “yoga-y” enough (trust us, none of those things will hold you back).
– Have seen Emily’s teaching style and want to practice with her.
– Want more than just a one-off yoga video here and there; you want the mind-body-spirit benefits of yoga.

Your unique body is welcome and respected.

We believe that any body practicing yoga is a “yoga body,” and Emily offers variations to make poses more accessible. She’s also there to answer your questions in the forum.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 2.59.16 PMYour safety is very important to us, so we ask that you rely on your judgment or a trusted health care professional’s to decide whether an online yoga program is safe for you. Yoga Basics is not designed for pregnant women or anyone suffering from spinal injuries. If you have a physical condition that you think might affect your ability to practice yoga safely, please contact us at

“How much does it cost?”

A single class in a yoga studio costs between $12-20.  A full month of Yoga Basics costs just $39.  Plus, once you have Yoga Basics under your belt, you’ll find you can make the most of in-person yoga classes in your community.

“What do I need?”

All you need is a yoga mat, a computer or tablet and an internet connection.

“When do I start?”

The next round of online Yoga Basics starts on June 1, 2016! Emily will be in the Facebook group to cheer you on and answer questions throughout!

“What if I’m traveling or fall behind?”

There is no rush to finish Yoga Basics, because you keep access to all of the resources, videos and the Facebook group even after the end of the month. Your Yoga Basics lessons will be waiting for you anytime you’re ready to begin or repeat them!

“How do I sign up?”

Just click the PayPal button below to register in advance.

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What past participants have shared about the impact of this program:

“The Yoga Basics program really allows and urges you to listen to your body and do what feels best for you. I really think it was just fantastic. It was great to have so many options for different body types and body pain issues so that most every pose could be done by most everyone.

The best thing about Yoga Basics is Emily. The constant reminder of how we can be ourselves, no matter what, and do yoga, no matter what. And be perfect as we are, no matter what.”

“I wanted to experience Yoga Basics because I had just tried two live drop-in classes at different venues, and I felt I was in over my head because the students had already been introduced to the poses and the guiding principles.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.23.57 PM“Yoga Basics taught me the purpose of yoga, the how and why to attend to my breath, and ways to listen to myself. Now I can take another live class and get so much more out of it. My biggest takeaway from Yoga Basics is my own pace is the pace that is just right for me today.”

“The breadth of what was covered was just right without being too overwhelming for me as a beginner. Just enough to demystify yoga and invite me in without bombarding me with too many new skills and concepts.”

“I did not know yoga was something to be done with such self-compassion and with a smile! It is at once inspiring and comforting to know I can now return to these poses, challenges and my own breath any time I want. Thank you.”

“I wanted to experience Yoga Basics because I know I need to stretch my aging ever-aching body, but I don’t feel I have time to go to a whole class on a regular basis.”

“My biggest takeaway from Yoga Basics is that even just a little bit of yoga, a few poses, a few stretches, makes a big difference in how my body feels and how my day goes! Also, I completely got that there is no “˜right’ way to do yoga, and it is most important to do what feels good to my body and listen to my body.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 2.46.44 PM“My favorite thing about Yoga Basics is Emily creates such a friendly, safe, supportive environment to do yoga in a way that works for me. I loved that it was in short lessons of varying lengths. I loved that it was online and I could do it whenever worked for me.”

“After listening to the introduction and going through lesson 1 this (already) feels absolutely right. Emily, your beautiful, calm, musical voice, detailed instructions, ample modifications and slow, gentle pace make the yoga practice feel like a welcome respite in the day. I also appreciated the written explanation of the nature and underlying principles of yoga. The focus on mindfulness strikes a chord with me. Physical exercise to lose weight or get in shape lost its appeal a long time ago. The idea of balance and the focus on the mind, spirit, body connection resonates as does the underlying kindness evident in all the Grow Well offerings. Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible.”

“Well, I’ve already discovered one of the great benefits of your Yoga Basics program ““ – its flexibility! With arriving visitors and family birthday this week, I fell way behind in terms of having a daily practice this week, but of course, just as you said, Emily’s delightful presence (written and visual) is always there waiting for me as soon as I can get to my yoga mat.”

“Both the written lessons and the video are so well done and thoughtfully presented. Thanks so much for offering such a beautiful program.”

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About the teacher

Emily's Headshot full

Emily Burrows is a 220-hour certified yoga teacher, with experience teaching yoga students from ages 8 to 80. She makes learning yoga inclusive and overwhelm-free. Emily started practicing yoga 10 years ago as a way to heal a knee injury and negative body image, and since then, her yoga practice has not only helped her take better care of her body, it’s inspired a great deal of personal growth and self-love.

When you join Emily in Yoga Basics you’ll learn safe alignment in poses, mindful breathing and self-compassion. You’ll experience firsthand that yoga isn’t about striking an impressive pose or meditating for a long time; it’s about connecting with the core of who you are. Join Emily in Yoga Basics and fall in love with your yoga practice.

Emily is also a Private Yoga Teacher, helping you create a healthy lifestyle that’s led by intuition and self-compassion.




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