Free Yourself Around Food | A Mindful Eating Experience


What if you could lessen your struggle with food, and bring new levels of peace, ease and health to your everyday eating?


More and more research is pointing out that learning and practicing mindfulness and self-kindness encourages healthier eating patterns, and aids in a variety of food related health aims, from weight loss to addressing the root causes of illness.

In collaboration with mindful eating author, psychotherapist and educator, Sasha Loring, we created this program to introduce you to ways you can prepare yourself, mind and body, for the act of eating, empowering you to enjoy your food and your experience of eating in new and healthier ways.

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How is the Program Structured?

Each segment of this 3-part video program is based on using mindfulness to investigate your thoughts and behaviors around eating in a new way.  The first segment will help you discover new ways prepare mind and body for your eating experience.  The second segment is a unique guided mindful eating experience led by Sasha Loring, which is an opportunity to learn and practice mindful eating skills.  The final segment is a chance to reflect on your current eating style and ways you may be ready to make substantial changes.

Access to this easy-to-use online program is delivered by email soon after your purchase.

Uniquely Repeatable

You will benefit from going through each segment several times, and they will provide a good resource to return to as you travel your new path toward healthier eating

Your purchase of this program provides you with ongoing access to this program.

Just the Right Amount

Sasha’s teaching and guidance is packed into high-value bite-sized chunks that you can easily fit into your everyday life. Our attention to brevity and accessibility helps you actually work this practice into your real life with ease. The design of this work is to help mindful eating come to life in your anytime, everyday life. 

The cost of the program is $12.  Pay once, access anytime.

What people say about learning with Sasha

“I feel really blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Sasha. Her depth of experience, sense of humor, and nonjudgmental approach have made this a rich experience.” ~ MK

“I have learned techniques that I can use throughout my life.”~JB

“I found the guided mindful eating experience to be one of the most challenging and transformative experiences I’ve had in my long struggle with overeating.” ~JS

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About Sasha Loring

Sasha Loring Bio Pic 2Sasha Loring, M.Ed., LCSW is a psychotherapist, stress management consultant and mindfulness teacher.  She has created mindfulness programs for Duke Integrative Medicine including co-creating the Mindfulness Training for Professionals Program and the Changing from Within mindful eating program.  She is co-author of The Mindfulness Manual for Bariatric Surgery (a program that has been taught through eMindful internet education).  She has also developed programs for and taught at UNC Integrative Medicine and Duke Diet and Fitness Center.  She has been interviewed for the Wall Street Journal, Body and Soul Magazine, and for the eMindful internet education website.

Sasha Loring has led many mindfulness retreats and workshops on topics such as Healing Your Relationship with Food, The Healing Power of Mindfulness, Mindfulness and Compassion, and Mindfulness and Stress Reduction.   She is the author of  Eating with Fierce Kindness:  A Mindful and Compassionate Guide to Losing Weightand Relief:  Release Stress and Harmful Habits and Awaken Your Best Self .

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