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Next classes begin Oct 27 or Jan 10

Our food environment is intense. Your relationship with food doesn’t have to be.

The 4-part Peaceful Plate Series, offered year-around from our Chapel Hill office, introduces a practical and and mindful approach that will help you simplify your efforts at healthy eating by cutting through the noise and helping you discover how to eat in ways that works for you.

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Have you tried time and again to make changes in what and how you eat, only to find yourself back to old patterns time and again? Has your history with food resulted in feelings of overwhelm, shame or frustration? In this series we open our eyes widely and honestly to both the difficulty and the opportunity of healthy eating in modern life, including the struggle so many of us have faced. 

If you’re ready to experience peace in your relationship with food, this series provides everything from a simple structure you can use anywhere, to a wealth of resources and connections as you deepen your exploration of what eating well means to you.

Here are a few of things The Peaceful Plate program is not about: 

  • It’s not about willpower and deprivation.
  • It’s not about complying to a prescribed food and eating regimen.
  • It’s not dogmatic about what’s healthy and what’s not.
  • It’s not about making healthy eating the only focus of your life.
  • It’s not about ignoring how we think and feel about food and eating.


So what does The Peaceful Plate program provide?

  • Mindful eating practices to help you bring awareness and make wise changes in how and why you eat.
  • Practical, very simple, tools to help you explore what foods and eating practices are healthy for you.
  • Helpful strategies and resources to help you navigate food messages, advice, dogma and science about what to eat so that you can take what works for you and release the rest.
  • We put food in it’s place, helping you get curious about the role you want food to play in your life.
  • A chance to get to know yourself better, exploring a relationship with food and health that can treat your body, mind and emotions with care.


The Peaceful Plate Series Details

The series is made up of four 2 1/2 hour-long classes, offered locally throughout the year. All classes are at our Chapel Hill Office unless otherwise indicated.

The foundation class introduces The Peaceful Plate core practices, which give you a grounding foundation to work from as you explore changes. Each of the three applied classes builds from this foundation to help you better navigate the specific and practical eating challenges so many of us share.

It is recommended that you take the whole series, but the design is flexible and there is no necessary sequence to it. Once you complete the foundation class, you will have a strong base to work from and you are welcome to choose among the three applied classes at any time.

I offer a 10% discount when you sign up for all four classes at once.

Foundation Class – $87

We will explore a powerful set of tools to help you simplify your efforts to eat well, after we first take an honest look at the world of what influences us with food and eating. The Peaceful Plate tools focus on presence, nourishment and satisfaction as the base of a new orientation to food and eating.

You will receive practice tools you can take home and work with, as well as voluntary access to the Peaceful Plate Private Facebook Group, a space where anyone who has taken the class or series can explore and practice with me and others

Applied Classes – $67 each

Deciding What to Eat

The need to make choices about what to eat starts early each morning and stays with us through every day. The question of what to eat is where the food environment is most powerful and influential over our choices. We spend time exploring food decisions across the environments you inhabit, from home to school to work to out in the world, applying the foundation practices in dynamic ways to support you.

This class gives you new tools and perspectives to ground your choices and help you listen well to the wisdom of your own body and mind.

Planning & Preparing to Eat

Finding workable ways to get ahead of our eating needs can have enormous impact on peace of mind and wellbeing. The challenges we face in getting ahead of things in modern life are significant, keeping many of us from meeting our aims with food and eating. The need to eat doesn’t go away, and it all takes time, thought, energy and effort that we just don’t see available. The foundation practices can be applied and enhanced to help you in the moment or in the greater flow of life with this important aspect of healthy eating.

The tools you’ll take away from this class are true to the aim of keeping it simple, with extremely realistic strategies that can be adapted to your unique life.

Emotional Eating

We are driven to eat by more than just our food environment. Our inner drives toward nourishment, rest, comfort and more play a large role in what can become unhealthy patterns of eating and living.

In this class, you will explore new ways the foundation practices can be applied and enhanced in self-compassionate and effective ways to meet the drives of your body and mind.

Register Now for The Peaceful Plate

We look forward to meeting you, and hope you’ll consider registering for the full series below, which enables you to take advantage of a 10% discount and helps you strengthen your practice of a more peaceful relationship with food. (if you are eligible for an additional discount, locate the payment option once you submit the form below)

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Next Series Dates:

October 27 – November 17, 2016, Thursdays, 6:00 – 8:30pm

January 10 – January 31, 2017, Tuesdays, 6:00 – 8:30pm

Cost: $257  for the full series, or see individual class prices above

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