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    Orange Turmeric Coconut Cupcakes


    I had fun this week playing with turmeric! This delightful cupcake recipe was shared with me by Chef Robin. They are hearty, tasty and delicious.  I like desserts like this for their balance of whole food fat, protein and sweet.  It’s less of a wild ride for your blood sugar. gluten-free Ingredients 6 eggs, room temperature ¼ …Read More

    Ginger Turmeric Elixir


    I had a blast this week using the pile of fresh turmeric I got from Waterdog Farms. I was also a little under the weather, so this ginger turmeric elixir has been a nice addition to my tea. Honey is wonderful for soothing coughs and sore throats, ginger is a great tummy soother and anti-inflammatory, lemon peel …Read More

    Fresh Turmeric | Farming Health Series


    In this video, our friend Rickie at Waterdog Farms shows us this wonderful crop and how he and his customers use it.  Turmeric is a tropical plant that is beginning to be grown with some success in warmer regions of the U.S., and was introduced to many in the North Carolina sustainable agriculture community a few …Read More

    Holy Basil (Tulsi) | Farming Health Series


    Our friends at Waterdog Farms were gracious in taking time out of a beautiful, chilly Tuesday to talk with me about the Holy Basil plants they are growing.  Farmer Rickie introduces his beautiful crop in this video.  We grew Holy Basil for the first time this year – it smells amazing, attracts pollinators and tastes delicious. …Read More

    Roselle Hibiscus |Farming Health Series


    Our friends at Waterdog Farms were gracious in taking precious time out of a beautiful, chilly Tuesday to talk with me about the Roselle Hibiscus they are growing.  Farmer Rickie introduces his beautiful crop in this video.  (I can tell you that eating the calyx, as Rickie shows here,  has become a new favorite pastime …Read More

    My Favorite Beet Smoothie


    I really love beets.  And beet greens are not only terrific in smoothies, but they are also lovely cooked in water or a little fat (like olive oil, butter, ghee or coconut oil).  Don’t throw them away.  If you missed it awhile back, here’s a link to the video I made about beets with evidence that …Read More

    Have a Veggieful Week


    I invite you to join me in taking on a daily practice this week of eating at least 5 servings of vegetables each day.  Fruit is terrific, too, so by all means eat it this week, but this is a veggie challenge. Grow Well has a growing bank of simple recipes on the website, and we …Read More

    Veggieful Turkey Meatloaf


    This was a fun, simple Sunday afternoon meal to pull together.  It’s got a very gentle spiciness and bright flavor.  This recipe plus a salad provided the family with three, delicious no-time meals this week. gluten-free Ingredients 1 clove garlic, minced (let sit for at least 10 minutes) 1 pound ground turkey (sustainably raised, organic if …Read More

    Should I Give Up Coffee?


    If I’m going to write an evocative headline like “Coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants in the American diet” in this week’s newsletter, I figured I better say a little more about it, and use it as an opportunity to consider the role of coffee in my own life.   A Little about the Headline. The headline …Read More

    Simple Delicious Okra


    I never really knew love until I met my first fresh-harvested okra.  I never knew you could pick it, then take a wonderful bite right there in the field.  I never knew it could be anything but a slimy blob from a can or a deep fried bit to dip in ranch dressing. Now that …Read More

    One Mindful Meal per Day


    Mindful eating is an incredibly powerful way to slow ourselves down and begin to get related to the food we are eating and its impact on our wellbeing.  Many of our habits about how we eat, the foods we choose and why we choose them happen unconsciously, so controlling these habits, as we often try to …Read More

    Oat Kefir Pancakes


    These are so easy breezy that I am deeply in love.  With a pancake.  I have been adventuring with gluten-free options due to an auto-immune condition, so it’s so joyful to find simple bready options that satisfy.  I’m loving Jamie Oliver’s new work, and this was inspired by the oat cottage cheese pancakes in his recent blog post. …Read More

    Warming Lemongrass Chicken Soup


    It may seem a little odd to offer a warming soup on such a warm week in the South, but many food traditions and some science claim the power of drinking warm liquids to cool the body.  Also, if you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer (as I seem to be this year), this tangy warm broth is gorgeous for …Read More

    Gluten-free Crepes (sweet or savory)


    I found this recipe a couple of years ago, and it has become one of my favorites for a little treat.  It can be made either sweet like this one, or savory (just leave out the vanilla and sweetener).  The texture will be a little thicker and rougher than crepes made with finer flours, but …Read More

    Chilled Avocado Cucumber Soup


    Cucumbers are going strong in the garden this week, so we loved trying this sweet little recipe from Chef Robin.  I found it to be both light and filling – totally sufficient for a full meal.  The pumpkin seeds really add a nice touch.  Beautiful, eh? A few preparation hints – use care as you salt …Read More

    Heirloom Tomato Salad Recipe

    Simple Yet Mind-Blowing Heirloom Tomato Salad


    Heirloom (open-pollinated, non-hybrid) tomatoes are a prize of summer, heralded for their delightful and varied flavor.  In our area of North Carolina, farmers markets hold festivals in celebration of the summer tomato, offering tastings of numerous varieties grown by area farmers.   If you are lucky enough to live in an area where local food is available, see …Read More

    Best Blueberry Recipe on Earth (you know this one)


    1. Find a blueberry bush 2. Pick warm, full, ripe delicious blueberries 2a.  If you aren’t lucky enough to live near blueberry bushes, find some blueberries at your grocery store. 3.  Eat them.  If you can’t eat them fresh, freeze them (a great preservation method that retains nutrients). We all know blueberries are antioxidant powerhouses, …Read More

    Nourishing Blueberry Delight Muffins (Gluten-Free)


    The blueberries are such an inspiration this time of year (and can be frozen to enjoy the rest of the year!).  The nutritional value of blueberries and other berries is very special indeed, with an antioxidant profile that appears to positively impact everything from heart health to brain health to muscle recovery.  I love these …Read More

    Quinoa, Eggs & Veggies


    Most Wednesdays, a couple of our core team members are often assembled to meet and work together. This creates a great place to test my ability to bring fresh food to life for our community plates and palates.  When we hit a winner, I’ll pass it on to you.  This simple assemblage of food took …Read More

    Spiced Carrot Quinoa Salad


    This exciting little salad was inspired based on the need to use a bunch of kale and carrots from the garden, along with a particularly lovely bunch of red onions from a local farm.  So healthy.  So fresh.  Nice spice.  For a less spicy version, substitute smoked paprika for sweet paprika. (GF, Vegan) Ingredients Spice mix …Read More