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    To You… The Inspirers


    Driving down the road to the big red barn, I lower my windows to let in the smells and sights. I look up to see the greeting smiles of my friends Jane and Darin, who farm this land. As we gather in hugs and they insist on carrying things, my eyes can’t help but wander to their gardens. …Read More

    Food as Sweet Refuge


    The surgery was running long. Really long. Finally a call from the doctor, more complicated than they thought, it’s going to be okay… It was okay, but it was the beginning of a difficult period of life. A little surgery turned into a big one, a week of recovery turned to months of recovery. Life as we knew it …Read More

    Spring Vegetable Ragout


    The wonderful thing about this dish is that it can be a hodgepodge of whatever vegetables you can find in whatever moment of Spring you are in! The only requirement is that they be as fresh as possible—-ideally harvested this morning—straight from the garden or Farmers’ Market or CSA Share. Adapted from Deborah Madison’s brilliant …Read More

    Beet Chips with Honeyed Goat Cheese


    I wanted to play with something crispy for our Spring Food & Garden Workshop and thought beet chips would be fun to try. Indeed they were! I made a huge batch and they really turned out great, but I learned the hard way that refrigerating them after they’ve been made turns them from crispy to …Read More

    Arugula Pesto


    Pesto is a simple, versatile accompaniment to almost any bread, grain, meat or vegetable dish. Often it is made with basil, but greens like arugula, kale, parsley and even wild greens like dead nettle and chickweed can make wonderful, distinctive pestos. This recipe is one from cooking instructor Vera Fabian at our Spring Food & …Read More

    Mirem’s Kale Salad


    In a season of warm, soft, cooked foods, a crisp winter salad can be a wonderful change of pace. My friend Mirem shared this salad with me, and we were delighted to share its preparation as a community in our winter Seasonal Food Workshop. 2 bunches of kale, any type – much better if it’s young …Read More

    Winter Gardening Tips from Farmer Jane Saiers


    It was a pleasure to host a group of community members at our winter Seasonal Food Workshop. January is a great time to explore what helps us (here in the Piedmont of North Carolina and elsewhere) extend our growing seasons to enjoy fresh from the garden food for as many weeks and months as possible. Here …Read More

    Butternut Date Cookies


    As we prepared for our winter Seasonal Food Workshop, I knew I wanted to make a cookie that used some of our yummy butternut squash. Butternut squash is one of those summer crops that stores so well it can feed you all the way through the coldest months of winter. I loved finding a cookie …Read More

    Sweet Potato Peanut Stew


    We enjoyed sharing this delicious soup at our Seasonal Food Workshop all about winter vegetables. Sweet potatoes are a versatile, nutrient rich powerhouse for winter. We enjoy this recipe every winter for many reasons, partly because it takes so little time to prepare. (the recipe listed here is gently adapted from the original found at Good …Read More

    How to Approach Seasonal Eating in the Winter


    I love how simple it is to eat seasonally in the winter! Unlike more abundant times of year, our choices are narrowed down to just a few cold-hearty greens and storage crops. With just a few types of vegetables to choose from, we can still get creative and transform them into many different, delicious and …Read More

    A Few Favorite Winter Recipes


    As we prepare for our Seasonal Food Workshops starting this year in partnership with RambleRill and Ten Mothers Farms, we are preparing new recipes and looking back at our old favorites. This post is a quick highlight of a few that we love. Deep Down Good Sweet Potato Stew At our home, this recipe is …Read More

    Fresh Corn “Pesto”


    One of the most pleasurable aspects of summer is the “just cut it up and throw it in a bowl” quality of the food in the garden. Our basil has been growing so boldly over the last few weeks that I thought about hauling out the food processor to make a batch of pesto, but then …Read More

    Farmer E’s Gluten-free Pancakes


    Sometimes you mess with recipes for fun. Sometimes you’re trying to win a contest! These were made for a school fundraiser that ended up showcasing a wonderful array of healthful pancake alternatives. I love these because they are light, buttery and easy to make. Throw some fresh or frozen berries on top, and maybe a …Read More

    Farm Fresh Food and Community


    I have a bright, shining love that’s always alight for the farmers and sustainable farming advocates and educators of the world. Our farmers are nothing less than the talented, committed, resourceful and incredibly hard working people who week after week connect us with the healthiest food around. We’ll be visiting area farmers markets nearly every week this …Read More

    2-Minute Power Beet Salad


    The way I usually cook is fast. Quick, thrown together combinations of real food and stuff that makes it taste great. I balance flavors and textures by instinct more than by procedure. This is one of those thrown together meals that is so satisfying and delicious and EASY.  Got a cheese grater? Good. You’ve got …Read More

    A Few Wild Yums of Spring


    I am a newbie to wild foods, but the bits I know are precious to me now. To walk across an uncultivated field and see ~food~ growing everywhere is a piece of mammalian wisdom that has been unintentionally lost to humans as we have grown accustomed to cultivated and manufactured foods. Foraging for wild foods …Read More

    Outrageously Healthy Salad


    As I prepared this salad, I felt myself getting more and more excited about its nutrient power (and I also grew suspicious about whether it would taste great when all was said and done). Much to my joy, it is as beautiful and delicious as it is nutritious. I ended up adding some of the wild …Read More

    Healing Guts and Living Well at Two Chicks Farm


    Last fall our friends Debbie and Audrey of Two Chicks Farm took some valuable time to meet with me and talk about their wonderful health-promoting business. I hope you’ll spend a moment with these two folks who took the opportunity to turn the potential devastation of a layoff into a whole new life path, taking …Read More

    Am I Eating Right? (with free food log!)


    When I speak to health-concerned clients, the most common complaint I hear is a sense of overwhelm, confusion and irritation about knowing what or what not to eat. It makes sense. We all want to feel well, live a long time, achieve our goals and avoid terrible diseases, so the media messages that challenge our choices hit us in …Read More

    Beet and Quinoa Salad


    I love quinoa salads, and this is a glamorous addition to the quinoa salad recipe book. I chose some heavy slices of beet for this one to add a bit of drama and heft to the salad, though diced or wedged beet would have been just as fun. When you eat this bright, flavorful, delicious …Read More