Vera Fabian

A native of the NC piedmont, Vera Fabian can't decide between her loves of growing, cooking, and teaching people about food. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, she spent five years as a Garden Educator, first at The Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, CA and then as a founding member of The Edible Schoolyard NYC team in South Brooklyn. While there, she helped build a half-acre school garden and cooking program at a public elementary school. She then went on to study natural process farming with Bob Cannard at the Green String Institute in CA and intensive, year-round, organic production at Eliot Coleman's Four Season Farm in ME. Back in NC, Vera is currently the Assistant Farm Manager at Transplanting Traditions Community Farm and the lead teacher at Kitchen Patrol, an afterschool cooking program for kids at Lantern Restaurant. She also works as a personal chef and kitchen coach, helping people of all ages discover the joys of cooking and eating with the seasons. Vera and her husband, Gordon, are very excited to be starting their own organic vegetable farm this year. They would love to grow delicious vegetables for you: stay tuned---Ten Mothers Farm CSA sign ups begin soon. Want to learn more about joining our CSA? Email or visit For full Community Partner Bio:

Articles by Vera Fabian

Spring Vegetable Ragout

3/29/16 |

The wonderful thing about this dish is that it can be a hodgepodge of whatever vegetables you can find in whatever moment of Spring you are in! The only requirement is that they be as fresh as possible—-ideally harvested this morning—straight from the garden or Farmers’ Market or CSA Share. Adapted from Deborah Madison’s brilliant …Read More

Arugula Pesto

3/16/16 |

Pesto is a simple, versatile accompaniment to almost any bread, grain, meat or vegetable dish. Often it is made with basil, but greens like arugula, kale, parsley and even wild greens like dead nettle and chickweed can make wonderful, distinctive pestos. This recipe is one from cooking instructor Vera Fabian at our Spring Food & …Read More

Mirem’s Kale Salad

1/19/16 |

In a season of warm, soft, cooked foods, a crisp winter salad can be a wonderful change of pace. My friend Mirem shared this salad with me, and we were delighted to share its preparation as a community in our winter Seasonal Food Workshop. 2 bunches of kale, any type – much better if it’s young …Read More

How to Approach Seasonal Eating in the Winter


I love how simple it is to eat seasonally in the winter! Unlike more abundant times of year, our choices are narrowed down to just a few cold-hearty greens and storage crops. With just a few types of vegetables to choose from, we can still get creative and transform them into many different, delicious and …Read More