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Mindful Eating is a Personal Revelation

4/13/15 |

I have taught and practiced mindful eating for many years now. What I find most meaningful is that when I slow down and pay attention, so much about life is revealed. The approach to food I learned as a child becomes illuminated in new ways and subtle beliefs about eating can be brought into the …Read More

Sweet Potato Brussels Sprout Hash

2/9/15 |

Sweet potato hash is such a joyful, filling, warming dish, great for breakfast and dinner alike. It stands alone well, and if you eat eggs, it loves a soft boiled egg companion.  I did a little pre-roast of the sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts before I tossed them into the skillet and they came out beautifully. Ingredients …Read More

Lazy Turtle Yum Yum Energy Bars

2/3/15 |

With a toddler in the house, we’re always looking for nutrient-packed treats that we can make quickly at home and that are good for young and old alike. My favorite part of this recipe is how quick and easy it was to make. We had the ingredients at the ready for the most part and our …Read More

Grow Well 2014 Year in Review

1/13/15 |

Celebrate a year of wonderful learning and work for Grow Well with us! I want to try this (add to my List) Forget to Log In? Hello! In order to add this activity to your action list, you must be logged in. Log In

Massaged Kale Sweet Potato Salad

11/25/14 |

Wowee this is a delicious salad! It’s light, a little sweet, tender and simple. There are a few steps to it, but each of them is gentle. I made this for brunch last week and thank goodness, because I had an epic gluten-free waffle fail as our guests arrived:). Wonderfully, this original side-dish made a completely …Read More

Lee’s Chunky Lentil Soup

11/21/14 |

One of my favorite cooking teachers is my dear friend, Lee Newlin. She was kind to share a recipe with me to pass along to you. It is one of my FAVORITE staples of the cooler months. There are two magic ingredients you may need to seek out (and you won’t be sorry – they …Read More

Spicy Chicken Mole

5/15/14 |

The simplest dishes are often the most delightful.  This is nothing more than grilled chicken (though we baked ours), a delightful sauce, some brown rice and steamed freshly harvested spinach.  The sauce was the most work, but it was worth every bite.  If you don’t have a mortar and pestle (pictured), use can use a coffee …Read More

Why I Eat Real Food

4/2/14 |

For me, it’s simple: eating real food allows me the best chance to fully participate in my life ““ free of disease, with a positive mental outlook and with energy to burn. When I feel good I get to focus on the things that really matter to me like my son, friends and family and …Read More