Lazy Turtle Yum Yum Energy Bars

2/3/15 |

With a toddler in the house, we’re always looking for nutrient-packed treats that we can make quickly at home and that are good for young and old alike. My favorite part of this recipe is how quick and easy it was to make. We had the ingredients at the ready for the most part and our …Read More

Amazing Snickerdoodles from Comfy Belly

12/12/14 |

I absolutely love these Snickerdoodles from Comfy Belly!  I’m simply passing along this favorite recipe from a wonderful blog out there. Usually I play around with recipes, messing with them and making them my own, but here I just joyfully followed directions (*except I used only 1/4 cup maple syrup and no crystal sugar to coat – still …Read More

3 Reasons I Love Sardines

6/18/14 |

I am a quiet champion of sardines as an exceptional food source. Sardines are often canned (look for BPA-free varieties* if you can), but can be found fresh.  Here’s what I like about ’em: 1.  Stellar nutrient density. Sardines contain a few nutrients that are in high demand by many American bodies these day, but …Read More

Mindful Eating Kale Blueberry Smoothie

Kale Blueberry Smoothie

4/16/14 |

Our little manx kitty thought this delicious smoothie was worth some careful consideration!   This is a nice, sweet and nutrient-packed smoothie.  Enjoy! Ingredients 3 ounces Greek yogurt or coconut milk 1 tablespoon almond butter 1/2 cup frozen blueberries (use fresh when available) 1 banana 1 cup kale 1 rib of celery 3/4 cup water …Read More