Is Clutter Getting in the Way of Self-Care?

4/8/15 |

Even though I’m a self-care and wellness coach, there are plenty of health habits that I’m still in the early stages of addressing. This post is about one of those habits. As I write this, I’m sitting on the couch, an area where I generally would prefer not to write. I’ve been working from the …Read More

Feel-Good Lifestyle Changes

2/17/15 |

February is one of the best times of year to get a machine at the gym. About 40% of the New Year’s resolution crowd has already lost steam, leaving far less demand for the stair climber and plenty of parking spots out front. Even though we may start the year with the best intentions, the …Read More

Letting Go of “Tomorrow”

12/22/14 |

The “tomorrow” into which we postpone the courageous, promising, and healing actions that we envision for our lives doesn’t really exist. We count on tomorrow, plan for it, wait for it, but of course we all know that tomorrow is only a possibility, not a reality. A downer, right? Not at all! When we can spring to life in recognition of the sweet …Read More

This is Your Brain on Kindness

7/2/14 |

I’ve been surveying some recent research and writings on kindness, mindfulness and health, and there are a few interesting bits of wisdom to pass along that I hope will inspire us all to continue pursuing kind and mindful living and actions.  This is good stuff to chew on. Practice and training yourself in kindness actually changes …Read More

10-Min-A-Day Challenge Wrap-up Video

6/25/14 |

If you were in the 10-Min-A-Day Challenge, my hat is off to you, with a big smile of appreciation.  This was a wonderful inaugural challenge.  Check out this little video that captures some of the magic.   I want to try this (add to my List) Forget to Log In? Hello! In order to add this …Read More

Stand Up!

5/21/14 |

Let me share something you probably already know. Sitting for long periods of time could be shortening your life. Studies continue surfacing that associate sitting for 6+ hours a day with higher rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and chronic pain. You may even know that all of this sitting trumps meeting the recommended …Read More

10-Min-A-Day Challenge (May 22-June 20)

5/14/14 |

Next week we’re launching our first initiative to Grow Well as a group. We invite you to select one thing in your life that you’d like to focus your attention on for 10 minutes a day for 30 days. What will you take on? What kind of difference will this make in your life? Invite …Read More

This is Life, Right?

3/28/14 |

Today is March 8, and we are a few weeks from launching our new website.  I am sitting at a coffee shop with all my devices plugged in, trying to create enough stored power last me through another day or two without power.  We were hit by a surprising ice storm that took down trees, …Read More