Mindful Eating Series

The Courage to Change in New Ways

9/14/16 |

After a long and frustrating day at work, she searched the cupboard for some relief. A bag of something, a box. Finding nothing that would satisfy, she closed the cupboard and stepped back. She took a breath and remembered something.  She walked over to the television and clicked it off, cleared a stack of papers from …Read More

Food as Sweet Refuge

8/17/16 |

The surgery was running long. Really long. Finally a call from the doctor, more complicated than they thought, it’s going to be okay… It was okay, but it was the beginning of a difficult period of life. A little surgery turned into a big one, a week of recovery turned to months of recovery. Life as we knew it …Read More

One Story of a Girl and her Food

7/8/16 |

What’s your story with food and eating? My story is perhaps a typical one, unique in its ways. My early eating life followed the trends of the American culture in which I was raised. My parents did their best to raise me to be a healthy person and a good eater. Mom prepared home-cooked, balanced meals and …Read More

Mindful Eating is a Personal Revelation

4/13/15 |

I have taught and practiced mindful eating for many years now. What I find most meaningful is that when I slow down and pay attention, so much about life is revealed. The approach to food I learned as a child becomes illuminated in new ways and subtle beliefs about eating can be brought into the …Read More

Am I Eating Right? (with free food log!)

3/10/15 |

When I speak to health-concerned clients, the most common complaint I hear is a sense of overwhelm, confusion and irritation about knowing what or what not to eat. It makes sense. We all want to feel well, live a long time, achieve our goals and avoid terrible diseases, so the media messages that challenge our choices hit us in …Read More

Delight in Romantic Eating (no partner required)

2/13/15 |

Whether you’re flying solo or with another this Valentine’s Day, a deep and resonant pleasure awaits. Mindful eating is a gift that can fill the heart, nourish the the body and banish discomfort, not to mention being a powerful tool in the lifelong journey of healthy eating. As you plan what to eat today, or …Read More

Engage Your Senses when You Eat or Cook

9/19/14 |

I can eat an entire meal in one minute.  I am like a prize fighter of gobbling food. This talent has come in handy when I’m living life at full speed.  Who needs utensils?  Who has time to break for lunch?  Who wants to deal with eating slowly while keeping the toddler at the table?  My habit says, …Read More

How Eating (Anything) with Gratitude Can Make You Healthier

8/1/14 |

When it comes to eating, most of us have a pretty automatic internal dialogue. Often our thoughts are hardwired to judge, evaluate, attach, worry, rationalize, check out, and more, regardless of the quality of the food in front of us. By practicing mindful eating, we become interested in seeing how we can interrupt the patterns at play in order to give …Read More

Mindful Eating Practice from Thich Nhat Hanh

4/17/14 |

I offer the following practice in hopes that it touches your life as deeply as it did mine. I learned this practice in Thailand while retreating from my hectic, career-centered life. I volunteered (WWOOFed) on a sustainable farm that was the backdrop for a mindful, healing community for people recovering from drug addiction. Each morning …Read More