Habit Change

Jen Snider, Coach, Wellness, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation

Freeing an Insatiable Mind

3/3/17 |

My attention span feels shorter and my thinking has become more distractible. When I slow down enough notice the amount of time that passes before my mind wants to “bounce,” it’s pretty concerning. Often I add this concern to a mental list of “things to deal with” but I never do.  How about right now? Gentle Curiosity  …Read More

Letting Wisdom In

10/28/16 |

For the month of November 2016 we will be “Practicing Balance: Taking Care of Others & Taking Care of You” in our mindful wellness online community. Click here to learn more about practicing with us (new topics every month).  How often do we read or hear good advice these days? When it comes to taking care of ourselves …Read More

The Courage to Change in New Ways

9/14/16 |

After a long and frustrating day at work, she searched the cupboard for some relief. A bag of something, a box. Finding nothing that would satisfy, she closed the cupboard and stepped back. She took a breath and remembered something.  She walked over to the television and clicked it off, cleared a stack of papers from …Read More

Comforting Ourselves through Change

5/14/15 |

Letting go of our dearest comforts takes extra special care.  This morning, we started a “no-binkie” experiment to see how our little boy would fare. He was upset first, then brave, and for a good hour, he was absolutely fine. Then, in a moment of absent-minded comfort-seeking, he went for the binkie. His courage collapsed into outrage, desperation, sadness and fear. …Read More

Is Clutter Getting in the Way of Self-Care?

4/8/15 |

Even though I’m a self-care and wellness coach, there are plenty of health habits that I’m still in the early stages of addressing. This post is about one of those habits. As I write this, I’m sitting on the couch, an area where I generally would prefer not to write. I’ve been working from the …Read More

Feel-Good Lifestyle Changes

2/17/15 |

February is one of the best times of year to get a machine at the gym. About 40% of the New Year’s resolution crowd has already lost steam, leaving far less demand for the stair climber and plenty of parking spots out front. Even though we may start the year with the best intentions, the …Read More

Delight in Romantic Eating (no partner required)

2/13/15 |

Whether you’re flying solo or with another this Valentine’s Day, a deep and resonant pleasure awaits. Mindful eating is a gift that can fill the heart, nourish the the body and banish discomfort, not to mention being a powerful tool in the lifelong journey of healthy eating. As you plan what to eat today, or …Read More

Is Your Busy Schedule Owning You?

12/12/14 |

When someone asks you how life is going, how often do you heave a sigh and say “busy”? Not an abundant busy, but a “PLEASE take something off of my plate” busy. If we aren’t paying attention, our schedules can easily fill past our comfort. We find ourselves going from bed to work, from work to our …Read More

Self Care for Road Trips

11/25/14 |

If you’ve got a trip planned this holiday season, practice these tips to stay happy and well on the road. Stay hydrated. When you’re in a rush to get to your vacation spot and don’t want to stop for many breaks, it’s tempting to avoid liquids. Unfortunately, dehydration can cause back pain, especially when combined with lots of sitting …Read More

Teaching Food & Health with Lee Newlin | Farming Health Series

10/31/14 |

Sometimes you luck out and cross paths with amazing people in life. This happened to me several years back when I met Lee and Larry Newlin at a sustainable agriculture conference.* Together, they have created Peaceful River Farm and Lee’s Healthy Cooking, two ventures near Chapel Hill, NC that form a dynamic, living example and inspiration for the healing …Read More

Navigating a Food Break-up

10/17/14 |

Many of us have been on a series of roller coaster rides following popular dietary trends. We buy a ticket, follow the rules carefully, then set about riding bold new behaviors toward our hopes of sleeker physiques or deeper wellbeing. Some changes stick, but more often than not, the changes we achieve are temporary, even if they seem to be …Read More

Listening to the Body with a Reluctant Mind

10/10/14 |

Today was supposed to be my writing day.  I had a topic in mind, I had an early morning window carved out.  I was ready. Unfortunately, my 9:30 bedtime last night turned into nearly midnight, and my night was peppered with unwelcome wakefulness.  When I arose early, I could feel weariness throughout my body, especially in …Read More

Have a Veggieful Week

9/25/14 |

I invite you to join me in taking on a daily practice this week of eating at least 5 servings of vegetables each day.  Fruit is terrific, too, so by all means eat it this week, but this is a veggie challenge. Grow Well has a growing bank of simple recipes on the website, and we …Read More

Should I Give Up Coffee?

9/24/14 |

If I’m going to write an evocative headline like “Coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants in the American diet” in this week’s newsletter, I figured I better say a little more about it, and use it as an opportunity to consider the role of coffee in my own life.   A Little about the Headline. The headline …Read More

Self Care Isn’t a Luxury

9/24/14 |

I used to equate “self care” with a trip to the spa. It seemed to be a luxury available only to those with the time and money to spare on pampering and stress relief. I didn’t see myself in that picture, so I didn’t process how badly I needed self care until I was emotionally …Read More

Crafting Spaces that Inspire Health

9/19/14 |

This week I changed up my environment in a big way.  I moved our bedroom into a room with an actual door, moved my desk into a room with more natural light and cleared a space on the floor that invites a yoga mat (and then put my yoga mat next to it). Thanks to this environmental …Read More

One Mindful Meal per Day

9/19/14 |

Mindful eating is an incredibly powerful way to slow ourselves down and begin to get related to the food we are eating and its impact on our wellbeing.  Many of our habits about how we eat, the foods we choose and why we choose them happen unconsciously, so controlling these habits, as we often try to …Read More

Habit Energy and the Joy of Business

9/5/14 |

The horse is running quickly, and on its back the rider seems to be urgently heading somewhere important. Someone along the path calls out, “Where are you going?” and the rider responds, “I don’t know, ask the horse!” – classic Zen teaching. The galloping horse describes the concept of “habit energy,” and captures quite accurately the “force” of habit that runs much of …Read More

Stand Up!

5/21/14 |

Let me share something you probably already know. Sitting for long periods of time could be shortening your life. Studies continue surfacing that associate sitting for 6+ hours a day with higher rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and chronic pain. You may even know that all of this sitting trumps meeting the recommended …Read More

My Well-Being Self-Assessment

4/18/14 |

The purpose of this checklist is to help you gauge your wellbeing as you experience it now, and identify areas for greater wellness. There are no right or wrong answers here – only the opportunity to consider areas of your life in which you may want to create fresh intentions.  Come back to this check from …Read More