Farming Health Series

Living, Breathing Intention

12/20/16 |

For the month of January 2017 we will be “Bringing Intention to Life” in our mindful wellness online community. Click here to learn more about practicing with us (new topics every month).  How do we bring new intentions to life? “Ow!” The stinging twinge is familiar – one spot, now another across my shoulders. I pull my sweaty green …Read More

To You… The Inspirers

10/19/16 | 41 Comments

Driving down the road to the big red barn, I lower my windows to let in the smells and sights. I look up to see the greeting smiles of my friends Jane and Darin, who farm this land. As we gather in hugs and they insist on carrying things, my eyes can’t help but wander to their gardens. …Read More

One Story of a Girl and her Food

7/8/16 |

What’s your story with food and eating? My story is perhaps a typical one, unique in its ways. My early eating life followed the trends of the American culture in which I was raised. My parents did their best to raise me to be a healthy person and a good eater. Mom prepared home-cooked, balanced meals and …Read More

Plants for Health

3/16/16 |

With the warm temperatures and sunny days of the past two weeks, the plant world has come to life. Daffodils, hyacinths, and tulip magnolias are blooming; grass is growing; and the deciduous trees have taken on the green tinge that presages their bursting into full leaf. With these changes that manifest renewal, we ourselves feel …Read More

Winter Gardening Tips from Farmer Jane Saiers

1/19/16 |

It was a pleasure to host a group of community members at our winter Seasonal Food Workshop. January is a great time to explore what helps us (here in the Piedmont of North Carolina and elsewhere) extend our growing seasons to enjoy fresh from the garden food for as many weeks and months as possible. Here …Read More

How to Approach Seasonal Eating in the Winter

1/19/16 |

I love how simple it is to eat seasonally in the winter! Unlike more abundant times of year, our choices are narrowed down to just a few cold-hearty greens and storage crops. With just a few types of vegetables to choose from, we can still get creative and transform them into many different, delicious and …Read More

Healing Guts and Living Well at Two Chicks Farm

3/18/15 |

Last fall our friends Debbie and Audrey of Two Chicks Farm took some valuable time to meet with me and talk about their wonderful health-promoting business. I hope you’ll spend a moment with these two folks who took the opportunity to turn the potential devastation of a layoff into a whole new life path, taking …Read More

Autumn Roots | Farming Health Series

11/14/14 |

Nothing makes me want to eat wonderful food more than a garden tour with a joyful farmer.  Here’s Carolyn at Sweet Pea Farm talking with us about some exciting root crops of the fall/winter season – daikon radish, turnips and rutabaga!  You can find these at your local market or at many grocery stores (or grow …Read More

Teaching Food & Health with Lee Newlin | Farming Health Series

10/31/14 |

Sometimes you luck out and cross paths with amazing people in life. This happened to me several years back when I met Lee and Larry Newlin at a sustainable agriculture conference.* Together, they have created Peaceful River Farm and Lee’s Healthy Cooking, two ventures near Chapel Hill, NC that form a dynamic, living example and inspiration for the healing …Read More

Fresh Turmeric | Farming Health Series

10/10/14 |

In this video, our friend Rickie at Waterdog Farms shows us this wonderful crop and how he and his customers use it.  Turmeric is a tropical plant that is beginning to be grown with some success in warmer regions of the U.S., and was introduced to many in the North Carolina sustainable agriculture community a few …Read More

Holy Basil (Tulsi) | Farming Health Series

10/3/14 |

Our friends at Waterdog Farms were gracious in taking time out of a beautiful, chilly Tuesday to talk with me about the Holy Basil plants they are growing.  Farmer Rickie introduces his beautiful crop in this video.  We grew Holy Basil for the first time this year – it smells amazing, attracts pollinators and tastes delicious. …Read More

Roselle Hibiscus |Farming Health Series

10/3/14 |

Our friends at Waterdog Farms were gracious in taking precious time out of a beautiful, chilly Tuesday to talk with me about the Roselle Hibiscus they are growing.  Farmer Rickie introduces his beautiful crop in this video.  (I can tell you that eating the calyx, as Rickie shows here,  has become a new favorite pastime …Read More