Energizing Breaks

10/3/14 |

When our energy is low, many of us turn to unsatisfying, unhealthy or ineffective choices to get us through. We grab a snack that sends our bodies on a ride, we get lost in our computers or televisions or we power through and ignore the fatigue. Our productivity, vitality and happiness are often dampened, and our wellbeing …Read More

Have a Veggieful Week

9/25/14 |

I invite you to join me in taking on a daily practice this week of eating at least 5 servings of vegetables each day.  Fruit is terrific, too, so by all means eat it this week, but this is a veggie challenge. Grow Well has a growing bank of simple recipes on the website, and we …Read More

One Mindful Meal per Day

9/19/14 |

Mindful eating is an incredibly powerful way to slow ourselves down and begin to get related to the food we are eating and its impact on our wellbeing.  Many of our habits about how we eat, the foods we choose and why we choose them happen unconsciously, so controlling these habits, as we often try to …Read More

This is Your Brain on Kindness

7/2/14 |

I’ve been surveying some recent research and writings on kindness, mindfulness and health, and there are a few interesting bits of wisdom to pass along that I hope will inspire us all to continue pursuing kind and mindful living and actions.  This is good stuff to chew on. Practice and training yourself in kindness actually changes …Read More

10-Min-A-Day Challenge Wrap-up Video

6/25/14 |

If you were in the 10-Min-A-Day Challenge, my hat is off to you, with a big smile of appreciation.  This was a wonderful inaugural challenge.  Check out this little video that captures some of the magic.   I want to try this (add to my List) Forget to Log In? Hello! In order to add this …Read More

July Daily Kindness Challenge

6/25/14 |

We need no research (though more and more exists) to support the idea that kindness toward self and others forms a powerful basis for deeper happiness and health.  Did you know it can even change your brain chemistry? We have created the Daily Kindness Challenge as a structure to support you in raising your personal level of kindness. …Read More

10-Min-A-Day Challenge (May 22-June 20)

5/14/14 |

Next week we’re launching our first initiative to Grow Well as a group. We invite you to select one thing in your life that you’d like to focus your attention on for 10 minutes a day for 30 days. What will you take on? What kind of difference will this make in your life? Invite …Read More