About Grow Well


A Vision of Living Better Every Day


May we enliven our interest
in growing, exploring and experiencing life
with evermore care and curiosity.

May we find the others around us
who are exploring similarly,
feeling the strength of
our common humanity.

May we gain support to help us
stretch into new territory,
finding new ways to walk in life
as we wish to walk.

May we enjoy our lives deeply,
playing our parts with
freedom, peace and joy.

All of Grow Well’s services and offerings rise from this vision of wholeness and wellbeing in a complex and ever-changing world. 


Get In Touch

We operate mostly be email when we first connect with anyone. You are welcome to reach out at growwellnc@gmail.com, which goes directly to founder Jen Snider.

Our shared Grow Well office space is located at 727 Eastowne Dr., Suite 300B in Chapel Hill, NC.

Visitors only by appointment or class registration, please.

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